Along with his love of landscape paintings, he is an accomplished portrait artist. He is a member of the Portrait Society of America, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, and Artists of Yardley.

I use my brushes to paint what my heart feels and my eyes see. My brush bears witness to the beauty of nature. The tranquility I achieve comes from nature, whether it be spring, summer, fall or winter. The changes of the seasons are the source of my inspiration. I always paint what I see without worrying about the process.

For me, art means capturing an instantaneous moment and recording it on canvas. Nature does not stand still. We live in a fast-paced technical world, and sometimes we overlook the beauty that surrounds our everyday existence. I capture what is the present and becomes the past.

This beautiful painting of Paterson Farm is, (23"x19") oil on linen. It is typical of Steve Lorber's choice of contemporary, yet timeless, subject matter.